Waste free Wednesday is making a difference…

Thank you for your support for waste free Wednesdays.

We are keeping a tally of waste free lunchboxes and would love to reach a target of 5000 waste free Wednesday lunch boxes by the end of the year.

314 Waste Free Lunch Boxes

As of last week we have counted 314 waste free lunchboxes but the number is improving each week and we are seeing a dent in the 480L of
rubbish that goes to landfill each day, so thank you!

We would love as many children as possible to have a waste free lunchbox on Wednesday to achieve our target and reduce landfill.

Garden Survey

Thank you for completing the survey. We now have over 100 responses with valuable data and advice for our students to analyse and interpret.

Greener Cleaner

Special thank you to Anja for all your work on our Greener Cleaner Sacred Heart logos and posters. They are helping to motivate and encourage us.

Gardening has begun!

The first phase of our garden project was to collect and interpret data about sustainable gardens from a variety of sources. Last Friday, equipped with some knowledge about our school’s habitat and their gardening licence acquired after a safety briefing, Sacred Heart
students took to their shovels and trowels. They transferred plants, tested soil acidity, refreshed soil and watered dehydrated areas of gardens.

There was great excitement and engagement as different groups of students worked tirelessly throughout the day to prepare the gardens. A big thank you to David for all his support and guidance on this project.